Rio Futaleufu y un poco Argentina

"Buenas dias en Argentina!", that's what they should have said at the border. Instead the took a furious look us - 4 dirtback kayakers. We had just woke up about 2km away from the border. After a while of dealing with officials and filling out forms we made it to Argentian and drove pass a moon like landscape caused by a volcanic eruption a few month back.
To make a long story short - just look at the photos:

good morning Argentina

good night Argentina

Jakub hucking Salto Alerces

beautiful Argentina

our guard dog

in rage in Argentina

in rage at the Futaleufu in Chile

cristal clear and deep blue

fun move

the gate to inferno canyon

Thomas y Flo en entrada

David in the same

one of the countless rapids of the Futa


.. Deluxe

Thomas trying to impress the chicas on the water...

... and off the water.

Also we did some other activites like ...

.. fishing..

.. chilling ..

& gathering information.
 The get back north we drove trough Argentina again. This time non-stop to get back to Pucon in time for one more party night!

back in Chile
 We'll be back - for sure!

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